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Provincial research team came to our group to investigate vanadium and titanium projects




On July 18, 2014, the provincial research team came to our group to conduct research on the development of vanadium and titanium enterprises. Wu Yongcun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, Liu Xuejun, Secretary of the County Party Committee, Lu Shujiang, County Mayor, Wang Chongdong, Deputy County Mayor, and Sun Zhiguo, Chairman of our group accompanied the investigation.
The provincial research team, accompanied by city and county leaders and Chairman Sun, listened to the introduction of the metalworking vanadium-titanium magnetite deep processing project.
The experts of the research team spoke highly of the development of the company in the past two years, and put forward professional opinions and suggestions on the development of vanadium and titanium companies from different angles. They believe that vanadium and titanium enterprises have clear development ideas and strong planning. Entrepreneurs are highly innovative, pay attention to technology and talents, and can effectively utilize resource advantages to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading. They stated that they will further understand the vanadium and titanium resources of our county and the development of enterprises, and try their best to provide technical, human, financial and other support to effectively utilize the advantages of regional resources, improve the level of industrial development, and promote the rapid development of the local economy.