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Notice on carrying out the party's mass line education practice activities in the whole group




Group companies and branch committees:
According to the Party’s Mass Line Education Practice Leadership Group of the Kazuo County Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Kazuo County Economic and Information Technology Bureau, and Kazuo Group Fa (2014) Document No. 14 issued "About the county’s non-public economic organizations to carry out the party’s mass line education practice According to the spirit of the notice of "Guiding Opinions on Activities", combined with the actual situation of the group enterprise, the group’s party committee has carried out the party’s mass line education and practice activities in all enterprises of the group, and put forward the following guiding opinions:
1. Grasp the overall requirements
To carry out educational and practical activities in all enterprises of the whole group, we must follow the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Third Plenary Session of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as a guide, in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of speeches, and guide party members to increase their awareness of party members, and actively identify party members. Participate in party activities, earnestly complete various tasks assigned by the party committee, and further enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organization.
2. Solve outstanding problems
1. Solve the problems of party organization construction, focusing on solving problems such as difficulty in playing a political core role and not being good at working around the production and operation of enterprises.
2. Solve the problem of party member team building. Focus on solving the problems of party organization leaders not paying enough attention to party organization building, some party members’ organizational discipline is weakened, not doing their best to participate in party activities, and performing party members’ obligations not actively.
3. Solve the problems of serving employees, focusing on solving problems such as the low prestige of party members among employees and the poor performance of their exemplary vanguard role.
Third, implement the promotion measures
1. Organize learning and education well. All branch secretaries should personally focus on the study and education of party members, and conduct study exchanges with workshops and teams as units. Focus on the role of modern distance education for party members and cadres (our group is the pilot unit of the "Modern Distance Education for Party Members and Cadres" of the Organization Department of the County Party Committee) and carefully organize learning and watching. Make full use of modern distance education sites, activity rooms and other places to play the role of distance education platforms and websites. Party organization members led teams to participate in the study, and through the study, the party members and the masses could understand why the educational practice activities were carried out, what the theme of the educational practice activities were, and what the general requirements were.
2. Listen to opinions and investigate the problem. All branches shall hold seminars to extensively solicit opinions and suggestions from party members and employees. Focus on investigating outstanding issues in work style.
3 Organize life meeting. At the meeting, the person in charge of the party organization should take the lead in making deep criticism and self-criticism. The members of the party organization team and party members sincerely carry out mutual criticism, conduct democratic evaluations of party members, and make fair evaluations of party members.
4. Persist in the upper and lower linkage to do a good job of rectification. For the opinions solicited, it is necessary to make a commitment to the employees and invite the employees to evaluate and supervise.
5. Carry out "Five Ones" activities. The party members of the entire group, especially party members and cadres, must use the "five ones" activities as the carrier to make reasonable suggestions around the production and operation of the enterprise and the development of the enterprise. The group party committee requires the party committee members and branch members to take the lead in doing one or two concrete things for the needy employees. , Pair up with disadvantaged employees and carry out one group one activity, which must be implemented in person and registered. Each company and branch shall carry out a public welfare activity.
6. Strengthen the organization of the party. Due to work needs, some branch committee members have changed, and each branch must complete the branch committee members to provide organizational guarantee for the party's mass line education practice activities.
7. Continue to implement the "Pioneer Project for Communist Party Members" activities in depth (Party member Pioneer Post, Party Member Responsibility Area). In the production and operation activities, when encountering production and technical problems, Party members take the lead in conducting research activities, set up research teams, and give full play to the backbone of party members. Function to promote the healthy and orderly development of enterprises.
4. Establish a leading group for Chaoyang Jinhe Group to carry out the party's mass line education practice activities. The list of members is as follows:
Leading group:
Team Leader: Sun Zhiguo, Secretary of the Party Committee
Deputy Leader: Guo Zhenping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee
Cheng  member: Qian Baowei   General Manager of Xinxing Mining
    Wang Yiyu  Xinlong Mining General Manager
     Wang Zhendong   Deputy General Manager of Xinxing Mining
    Ren Yonghe  Xinxing Mining Deputy General Manager
    Zhang Zhenkui  Xinxing Mining Deputy General Manager
An office is set up under the leading group, and the office is set up in the office of the group party committee. The members are as follows:
Director: Guo Zhenping    Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee (concurrently)
Cheng  Member: Li Honghui    Director of the Party Office
    Li Xiaojie  Female worker director